Goguinara, an international experience

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Definitely, it’s a place where can try and live the experience of the typical Korean barbicue in Mexico City.

Straight to the point with prices: 

They range from a quick meal(for workers)  to more sophisticated Korean dishes that cost around $200 pesos. But in the menu are some very good packages that are to share what the cost per person decreases and have the opportunity to taste more flavors.

The place is composed of tables with integrated grills to improve the experience, also having pleasant atmosphere.


20 Calle Génova, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, México

Located in the center of the “Zona Rosa” within Mexico City, easy to find if you move by public transport:

– Arrive at the roundabout of the insurgents (“Glorieta de los insurgents”) which is coming out of the station “Insurgentes” both the metro or metrobus

– Find the street “Genova” (the street that goes to reform)

-Go straight three blocks and to the fourth on the right you can find the restaurant.

The speciality of the house is meat, any type and they sell it of a gram too. Basically you have to prepare the meat by your own and add the ingredients as you like. As in any other Korean restaurant, you are served small dishes with different types of food that are with you can accompany your food, the most popular (and if you do not like, you pick up the taste after several tried) is called Kimchi; they also serve different vegetables, eggs and meat. They also have a variety of Korean main dishes which, if you are not familiar with them, we can recommend you order “Tonkatsu” which is prepared with chicken, you will not regret it, believe me. From Ramyon (Korean ramen) and Bibimbap (Korean sushi) to delicious soups with their characteristic Asian flavor.

Although the establishment sells alcoholic drinks, the atmosphere is totally familiar. It is a place with you can go with any type of person and there will be no problem.


We can recommend that you go before 5 pm so that you can try the promotion packages mentioned above, go with an open mind towards the different and it’s not worth saying no.


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