Mexico City has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years, because here we can find hundreds of museums, monuments to visit, unique gastronomy and many culture.

The truth is that Mexicans are looking for economic ways to move in our city, so I can say that the best way to do it and spending only $ 5 MX is to do it is by METRO.

Our orange train, you love it, hate it or both at the same time. It can always save you from hellish traffic and sometimes it can help you save time, but at the same time you want to get out of there as soon as possible since it is very full or the smell is not exactly nice, but in the end we always return to use it because is one of the most important colective transports in the city that can connect you with a lot of places in CDMX because you can get everywhere in it.

If you are one of them who has not even set foot in the subway, and you have / want / should do it, the following may be of your interest.


The cost of the the metro is $ 5MX Mexican pesos = 0.26USD.

You have two options when buying the ticket:

– Buying the tickets that you want ($ 5MX each) to use them every time you want to enter the subway.

– Buy a special card (Cost of $ 15 MX = 0.76USD) of the subway to only recharge the money, each time you pass through the entrance turnstiles the charge of $ 5MX will be made.

* The entrance for the line 12 (Golden) is only with a card.



There are 12 metro lines that cross the entire city, and there are currently 28 transfers between the lines.

Mapa del metro de la ciudad de mexicoTransbordos marcados del metro de la CDMX, México.      Something that is very important is to know that to enter line 12 (Golden) of the subway you need to have the entry card, since there is no entry option to use the tickets.

To make transfers, it is essential to read the signs, believe me, it is important to be guided by the color of the line you want to reach and follow the arrows, and to add a little help, in any case you can follow the crowd, it is a good strategy (Remember: Signs and follow the crowd)

Don’t be impressed, you should know that some tranfers take you from 2-3 minutes to 15-20 minutes the longest, within the last category are found:

Atlalilco, transfer from line 8 to line 12, until there are airport type bands to walk faster.

Martin Carrera, transfer with line 6 and 4

Pantitlan, you have to be especially careful in this station as it connects with 4 subway lines (1,5,9 and A), it’s a bit easy to get lost and overwhelmed with so many people, take your time and look for the right direction to the line that you want to go.

Rosario, transfer from line 7 and 6.

Just to give you a reference to know if you are entered in the right direction you only have to see the beginning of the train for find the name of the direction you are going to, so you can feel more confident in getting on the subway. 



Please, if you are going to travel by metro in the CDMX, it is always convenient to have some metro application with you, this is because in the wagons you will only find the stations that cover the metro line in which you are traveling. In most stations (if not all) you can find the complete metro map, but this involves getting out of the subway cars, which makes you lose time.

What I recommend is to look for your route in advance and then use the full map of your cell phone to locate you if you go well to your destination.

Something that is very new is that when entering the subway there are interactive maps with a touch screen, which you can use to know which is the most optimal route to get to your destination, your options that you have, the time it will take you to arrive and the transfers that you will have to do. Not all stations have this type of interactive maps, but you can find them mostly in the northern stations of line 2 (Blue). They are easy to use and very helpful.

Tip: The lines are read as follows:

– Line 3 (light green), Universidad – Indios Verdes. This is because the first station from south to north is Universidad, and the last one is Indios Verdes.

– Line 8 (strong green), Constitución de 1917 – Garibaldi / Lagunilla. Start in Constitución from south to north and ends in Garibaldi / Lagunilla.

* The direction of the trains is of both sides, that is to say in the previous examples there are directions of south to north and of north to the south, this in all the lines of the metro.



The part of the subway that came to save many women from going along with the men. In all subway lines there is this section, most of it is in the front of each train (only in line 1 (pink) the section is in the end of the train, in the last wagons), there is usually a barrier with police watching so that no man passes, but in other stations there is only a signal that indicates it.

This section is the safest of all the train, there are not many problems inside this, unless you have to go in morning peak hours, that’s where the women are unknown and can lose the style to enter the subway to get in time to their work, from then on out, the truth is that the benefit that this section offers for women is very good, you feel free without the looks of men and more secure. It is a good option for a lonely woman traveler.



One of the new benefits of traveling by metro is that in some lines you can have access to FREE Internet, you just have to fill in some personal information and that’s it, Internet to go!

The lines that have free internet are:

– Line 7 (Orange, Barranca del Muerto -Rosario)

– Line 1 (Pink, Observatorio – Pantitlán).



It is well known that within the metro crime is a daily part of the city, but with the tips that I will give you then forget about the worry of losing your things. (Believe me, I travel daily by subway and have never taken anything out of my backpack, purse or pocket).

Let us begin!

– Never never neglect your backpack / bag, keep the zippers where you can see them and locate them quickly.

– Always have your backpack in front of you, if you put it behind you it is easier for people to get things out of it without you noticing.

– Always put your valuables (wallet, cell phone) inside your backpack and never leave them in your pants pocket, it is easier to take your belongings out of there because when being in a crowd of people you will not notice when they rob you.

– Cover your belongings by standing next to the doors or some kind of wall where people have difficulty accessing your backpack.

– You can bring the cell phone outside, before evaluating the people inside the wagon, if you feel safe, take it out, just PLEASE hold it tight and give some glances to people and around you from time to time.

– You can also listen to music, remember you are losing a sense so you will have to put your cell phone / ipod / mp3 in your backpack for more security and go on the road.



If you are one of the early risers and want to explore the beautiful CDMX from the morning and you are within the weekdays, let me tell you that you can find chaos within the metro (and outside too). It is best to wait until 8:30 – 9 AM to be able to use the metro without problem, without people and without pressure.

It really is that the peak hours in Mexico City are very heavy, it fills everything and it takes you from 1 hour to more time to reach to your destination, because the metro for security goes slower and stops longer in some stations.

For what I recommend DO NOT take the subway at these times:

– 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM

– 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

While avoiding these schedules you can enjoy more of your trip by metro.



A new trend in the subway of the city of mexico are the signs to wait for the subway (in which one must wait making a line in order) and the space that there is for people to let out those who were in the subway.

This really makes the chaos that was caused can be resolved in an orderly and correct manner. I ask you to please follow the signs if you don’t what the people around the subway will tell you anything.


Remember that there are at least 4 reserved seats in each car for people with disabilities, elder, pregnant women and people with baby in their arms, please cooperate so that they can better enjoy their trip by subway.

PS.- To use the escalators, PLEASE, always use the right line to stop in case you want to rest but LET THE LEFT SIDE FREE SO THAT PEOPLE WITH HURRY CAN GO WITHOUT PROBLEM, it is something of all of us cooperating and not for we get in the way with each other.




Really, it’s very easy, economical and faster to travel by subway, but with the tips that I just gave you, you will not have any problem when using it, it’s just a matter of losing your fear and you will see all the advantages that it can offer.
I can only wish you a very happy trip by subway, I hope you do not have complications and if you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to write me on any of the social networks of @ Defeña_En.

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